The Philadelphia 76ers Signed Kevin Grow, The 3-Point Phenom With Down Syndrome

It has been just a little more than a week since a Bensalem High Cchool basketball player named Kevin Grow became an Internet star for his crazy three-point performance, but it seems that this superstar has already hit the big time. Because they know a good thing when they see it and don’t have much else going on except draft preparation, the Philadelphia 76ers decided to sign Grow to a contract. That is, of course, a spectacular display of class, because Kevin has Down syndrome, but now he’s simply going to be known as the coolest high schooler in all of Pennsylvania.

Obviously, Kevin received a ceremonial two-day contract, but that didn’t stop him from having a day of fun and practice with his new teammate Evan Turner and 76ers coach Brett Brown.

Brown also took some time to interview his new player and see what he’s made of.

Brown – “Can you play defense?”

Kevin – “I can play defense, yes.”

Brown – “I know you can shoot, but you can play defense too?”

Kevin – “Yeah.”

Brown – “I say we give him a three-day contract.”

With that, Kevin signed on the dotted line and was handed his practice uniform. But before he could hit the floor, Coach Brown let the inspiring teen know that the team needed his help.

Brown – “You’re going to teach our young guys how to hold your follow through, and how to shoot like you shoot.”

Kevin – “Okay.”

Brown – “Can you do that?”

Kevin – “Yeah.”

Brown – “I know you can. We welcome you to the team man. Thank you for coming.”

Kevin – “Thank you so much.” (Via CBS Philly)

Once Kevin signed his deal, he began practicing with Turner and Brown, and he eventually got to eat dinner with the entire team.

Tonight, Kevin will be the guest of honor as his new team hosts the Cleveland Cavaliers, and he’ll even get to warm up with Turner and Co. before he and his high school teammates are honored during the game. I know they’re all just kids, but if the Bensalem players don’t carry him off the court at the Wells Fargo Center, I am going to be seriously disappointed.