A Broken Escalator Led To A Terrifying Scene At Saturday’s Philadelphia Flyers Game

04.03.16 3 years ago

A scary moment occurred at Saturday’s game between the Philadelphia Flyers and the Ottawa Senators. The Flyers were playing hosts, and at some point after the game, one of the escalators at the Wells Fargo Center broke and sped up to the point that riders were thrown into a scrum at its base.

So far, there’s no word on what caused this malfunction, and there are conflicting reports of how many people were injured. According to a writer for Broad Street Hockey who was standing at the bottom of the escalator when this occurred, nobody was seriously injured, although a couple of people – namely older fans – were taken away from the scene via wheelchairs. One of the site’s readers also provided a brief recap of the incident, saying that some people, himself included, had to go to the stadium’s first aid station and that people in the station suffered from everything “from bruises to possible broken bones.”

A spokesperson for Comcast Spectator gave the following statement to NBC 10 in Philadelphia:

“We immediately closed it down to protect our patrons and notified the operator. We are working with the operator on investigating this incident. We did not use that particular escalator during tonight’s Sixers game. We expect it to be working in time for Tuesday’s Sixers game, which is our next event.”

(via Broad Street Hockey)

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