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Run away! It's a giant  mouse!

If you were unlucky enough to be in Philly on Friday, you could have purchased some cheap gas:

Motorists today formed a long, long line to buy 76-cent gas for 76 minutes at the Lukoil station at Spring Garden Street and Delaware Avenue in Philadelphia. The station offered the price reprieve from noon to 1:16 p.m. today as a promotion tied to the Philadelphia 76ers playoff with the Detroit Pistons. Before the price drop, regular unleaded was a fraction under $3.69. Hundreds of drivers and their vehicles — from compacts to mini-vans — waited for the gas price break. About 100 made it before the line was cut off. The scene was orderly — blocks long. People slept in their cars.

I believe people slept in their cars because that's how I always imagined Philly, but the scene was orderly? For 76¢ gasoline? I don't think so. Even in the city of brotherly love, I imagine the scene was very disorderly. In conclusion, Disorderlies is a great movie especially if you watch in a state of altered reality. -KD 

Photo credit: Getty Images

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