Phillies Ball Girl #cangetit

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Philadelphia Phillies ballgirl Genevieve Haney made a great catch during Monday’s game against the Brewers at Citizens Bank Park. How do we know? put it up and made it embeddable. Those guys don’t make World Series wins embeddable. So good for you, Genevieve, you’ve made it.

Because we’re perverts, we checked out Genevieve’s Twitter and discovered that she, like so many beautiful young women, are obsessed with Instagram. Think of her as Philadelphia foul territory’s Paulina Gretzky. We’ve put together a gallery of some of our favorite Phillies Ballgirl Instagrams, so check it out. They’ll be available for almost two hours before Busted Coverage puts action fonts on them and calls them an exclusive gallery.

And before you read my mind, yes, the Phillie Phanatic shows up in at least one of them.

[all photos via Twitter]

/leaves gallery

It’s not an Instagram until you’re wearing cheap Raybans.

And now, the Paulina Gretzky portion of the program.

My Instagrams are just pictures of food and signs. Your job is cooler than mine, Genevieve.

Prerequisite duckface.

Okay, that one’s really cool.