Phillies Fan Runs Onto Field, Gets Tased

05.04.10 8 years ago 14 Comments

I’m really loathe to call anyone on this planet an idiot–especially one that happens to make my morning a little bit easier, but I have to question the motivation of this guy, who seemed to think that he could just run around onto the field and wave his little towel for the entire night. Sir, what exactly is your endgame here? Were you just looking to get tackled in shallow center field by guys that you pissed off by actually forcing them to chase you? Those guys hate running, man. You know they’re not going to be in a good mood when they get to you.

And then he got tased, and this might have been the first time I’ve watched a guy get tased on video and been satisfied with it. Is it “tased?” Tasered? Let’s go with “tased,” which is still better than getting hit in the face by Mike Curtis. Video’s after the jump. Come on in; the water’s great.

Here’s our fearless hero in action. Note the emphatic waving of the towel. That’s a great sports fan. via Youtube’s jrr4media.

And here’s the Mike Curtis fan hit from 1971.


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