03.31.07 11 years ago

"Whoo, I'm tired.  I really am enjoying the inspired play of my Fightin' Phils, but I think that seventeenth beer was a bad idea.  Maybe I'll just go take a quick nap in my comfortable Audi for the bottom half of the fourth inning."

Um, I'm no Smokey Yunink, but I think that's bad for your automobile.   This wonderful incident also exemplifies the marked difference between professionals and amateurs.  Think about how much more athleticism and skill Tony LaRussa displayed by selecting the brake instead of the accelerator.  And he was in drive!  This guy really has some long hours of practice ahead of him before he reaches that level.  I like how they focussed on this drunkard's face at the end.  Hold on, is that Brett Myers?  Run away, run away! -KD

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