These Guys Caught An 820-Pound Shark Off The Jersey Shore

05.20.15 3 years ago 10 Comments

Over the weekend, five gentlemen from Philadelphia accomplished a feat that would even make Captain Ahab blush. With a tremendous amount of guile and fortitude, the group managed to haul in an 820-pound shark off the Jersey Shore. They told their story to

Fred Dirsh Jr. cursed at first sight of the black-backed, silver-sided, toothy, son-of-a-gun shark leaping out of the Atlantic Ocean.

The 820-pound, more than 11-foot mako shark had taken the bait just outside of Cape May.

“Holy s—!,” Dirsh screamed. “Holy s—!”

The battle with the shark was akin to going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. This 820-pound shark simply refused to go gently into the night.

In all, Blakla fought the shark for 80 minutes. The goal was to tire it, make it woozy, then lash the tailfin to the boat. Near the end, the shark was close enough for Dirsh senior to get off another shot.  Tsoukalas gaffed it. The rush was on to get it onboard.

The 820-pound shark is the second largest catch in the history of New Jersey. Unfortunately, these gentlemen stumbled upon this opportunity a bit too early. Had they caught this fish a week from now, they could have won a $250,000 prize at the South Jersey Shark Tournament. Instead, they’re left with one hell of a story about the time they caught their own Moby Dick.

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