01.10.10 9 years ago

Yes, the Cowboys broke their playoff losing streak off at 6 and they looked great doing it.

The Cowboys have dominated their last four games, scoring early and never trailing in any of them. The defense has been the backbone, with the offense coming through with plenty of points and few turnovers. It’s the way Dallas used to play this time of year back in the days of Roger Staubach and Tom Landry, and Troy Aikman and Jimmy Johnson.

Now, it’s finally happening again under Romo and Phillips. Next up for them is a trip to Minnesota on Sunday, with Romo taking on childhood hero Brett Favre.–

So maybe the focus should be on how the Cowboys destroyed the Eagles, but MAN.  What a fantastic meltdown by Philly last night.

McNabb looked typical: kind of sloppy and seemingly unable to complete passes.  The only thing saving him from getting sacked more than 4 times was his mobility, because the offensive line was unable to stop the pressure from the Cowboys defense who was on fire. It certainly doesn’t help that Andy Reid neglects running plays harder than he neglects salads.  And let’s not even get started on the Eagles D who decided to sit the 2nd quarter out and let the Cowboys score 27 of their 34 points.

The flipside of this is the New York Jets.  The Jets, who were basically handed the Wildcard bid by the Colts, looked great yesterday.  Sanchez completed 80% of his passes, threw not-a-one interceptions, and didn’t get sacked.  While Indy may have thrown away their game, the Jets’ record was at least such that “winning” that game made a difference and put them into the playoffs.  Even though they got lucky, at least they took their opportunity and ran with it, silencing the Bengals with a Jets team defense that is currently ranked #1.

Many people don’t believe the Jets deserved to be there (a friend pointed out that what if Indy had played Denver? or Houston?), but at least they played like they did.  Philly earned their Wildcard slot and was just embarrassing. In fact, I dare say the only thing Philly has going for it right now is Andy Reid’s sweet mustache.  Better luck next year, boys.

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