12.18.08 9 years ago 4 Comments

Before Clinton Portis endeared himself to fans by creating such alter egos as Coach Janky Spanky and Sheriff Gonna Getcha, he was already beloved for his episode of MTV’s Cribs back when he played for the Broncos.  Portis showed off a basement that featured a water bed, a jacuzzi, mirrored ceilings, and a stage with a stripper pole.  (Perhaps a little more cheerful than soundproof walls and leg irons, but to each his own.)

These photos uncovered by D.C. Sports Bog (more if you follow the link), judging by the burgundy-and-gold motif, show that the stripper pole lives on — and gets its fair share of use — in Portis’s DC-area residence.  Can’t say I’m really enthralled by the performance here.  Definitely lacking in authenticity.  Needs more body glitter and platform heels and mesh shirts.  And hair that smells like bubble gum and cigarettes.

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