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If you heard a big thud anywhere in Arizona back in March, it might have been Texas Rangers slugger Josh Hamilton falling off the wagon, as suggested by the latest photos to pop up on Deadspin. Hamilton–the same guy who had supposedly devoted his life to Jesus after nearly being booted out of baseball for drugs, allegedly relapsed at the now-closed Maloney’s tavern between spring training sessions in Tempe, Arizona , according to a report on the site. Somewhere Jesus is crying:

The manager came out and saw Hamilton at the bar. Hamilton introduced himself, “Hi, I’m Josh.” They made smalltalk. “Baseball season didn’t start yet, right?” the bar manager inquired. Hamilton revealed he was a player. The manager, a baseball fan, but not a huge one, finally recognized the man sitting in front of him. “Oh, you’re the home run derby guy.” Josh said yes. “Well, just for that, lemme buy you a beer,” the manager said, not knowing the full extent of Hamilton’s history. Josh said yes again. via.

It warrants indicating that Hamilton, while still married, is not seen with alcohol in any of the 12 images. He claims he’s been sober since 2005, which will certainly come under dispute over the weekend. His heterosexuality, however, appears to be above reproach. Jesus was unavailable for comment. He’s cagey like that.

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