NBC Hockey Reporter Pierre McGuire Narrowly Avoided Taking A Puck To The Face


The NHL has slowly but surely increased the safety measures to protect those watching the game from errant pucks.

Netting now surrounds the entire rink at an NHL arena, which keeps fans from having to worry about random deflected pucks launching into the crowd and endangering them. However, those on the benches still have to keep a head on the swivel, and that includes NBC’s rinkside reporter Pierre McGuire, who occupies the little area between the benches at mid-ice.

At Monday night’s Lightning-Blue Jackets game, McGuire found himself in peril as a stray puck came screaming towards his face. Luckily for McGuire, the puck narrowly missed his face, crossing just inches in front before he could even react to it.

The slow-mo camera shot of the puck barely avoiding McGuire’s head is incredible and also fairly terrifying because as you can see, he doesn’t get his hands up or move his head back until the puck is already past him. Had the puck indeed been pushed slightly more towards the bench, McGuire would’ve undoubtedly have gotten hit in the face and suffered some serious injuries. For now, though, we have one incredible video and a very relieved and lucky McGuire.

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