The Pierre The Pelican Nightmare Continues With His Creepy New Sign

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11.13.13 9 Comments

Pierre the Pelican

If you’ve been following the story of Pierre the Pelican, you’ll remember that the New Orleans Pelicans needed a mascot to replace Hugo the Hornet after rebranding and decided the best way to interpret “pelican” was via a terrifying sad-clown sasquatch. The Internet responded to the first photos of Pierre by photoshopping him into every nightmare they could imagine.

Today I’m sad to say that they forgot one.

The photo I’m about to show you, courtesy of the decidedly not-horrifying Lana Berry, is just out-of-context enough to provide all the context you’d ever need. I apologize in advance.

(photo via

(photo via

Please do not notice that the sign is in Penn State colors.

I’m still going to try to make it down to New Orleans to get a picture with this guy at some point during the season, and I’m hoping his photo ops aren’t set up in an unmarked van.

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