11.28.07 11 years ago 24 Comments

Faced with new taxes, British pigeon racers are petitioning for Queen Elizabeth II to recognize their totally queer hobby as a sport.

Racers, known as "pigeon fanciers," house their birds in sheds — buildings the British government now wants to tax, beginning in April. Sports clubs can get tax relief, but pigeon racing is not classified as a sport, which would leave racers footing a hefty tax bill. […]

"During World War II, owners gave more than a quarter of a million pigeons to our defense forces and they were used most effectively to carry messages from battlefronts and to save lives from sinking ships and downed aircraft," [representative Geoff] O'Connell said.

So by this logic, rounding up Jews and conducting mass executions in concentration camps should also be a sport.  I think I'll pass.  I'm more of a "Flame-thrower in the Japanese bunker" player.

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