Ping Pong Dog Enjoys A Good Match (And Morning Links)

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Top 10: Dunks On Kendrick Perkins (A History Of Abuse) – Poor guy, you think he’d learn to get his hands up after the 4th or 5th posterization. [Real Talk NY]

Rep Yo’ City: 40 Hip-Hop Hometown Anthems – It’s true, “Cleveland Is The City”. Bedford is just the suburbs, but they have an Auto Mile. [Smoking Section]

kristen bell ellen slothThe Movie Middle Finger Mash-Up Is Fantastic – Needs more Captain Hammer. Also, people who do the “every finger up but bent in the middle, thumb out” thing are weird. Stop doing that. [Film Drunk]

Here’s Why Dax Shepard Is With Kristen Bell And You’re Not, Bros – This is seriously adorable, and if you didn’t like Kristen Bell before, oh man. [UPROXX]

Can We Just Stop ‘Popping The Question,’ Please? – Yeah, it’s getting harder and harder to propose to one’s girlfriend thanks to the Internet. What am I supposed to do, give her a ring for a Christmas present? That’s the lamest thing in history. [UPROXX]

The Arrested Development Movie Is Really Actually Absolutely Happening For Real – And maybe if this works out, we’ll find out what happened to Henry at the end of ‘Party Down’ after all. [Film Drunk]

6 Series From Dark Horse Comics You Should Be Buying (Aside From Hellboy) – If Usagi Yojimbo can have a comic for 30 years, someone should be able to hire me to write one for Mondo Gecko. Just saying. [Gamma Squad]

How Would You Like Your Back Clawed by These TV-Themed Fingernails? – I would not! [Warming Glow]

21 More Reasons Florida Is The Craziest State – This is what happens when you decide to live on America’s penis. The whole f**king thing is like Twin Peaks. [Buzzfeed]

QUIZ: Lana Del Rey Song Or Thing We Just Made Up? – Bizarre. I wish the backlash on this lady would literally drown her and drag her into the ocean. [HuffPost Comedy]

14 Reasons To Be Excited For The ‘Avengers’ Super Bowl Trailer – Reason 15: there are only 20 super hero movies coming out in 2012, and this is one of them. [Moviefone]

The Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads of All Time – Someone should remake ‘1984’ and end it with TO SEE THE REST UNCENSORED, VISIT APPLE.COM. [The FW]

A University of Michigan Student Created a ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle Service’ – I have never once made a walk of shame. I’ve done some Super Happy Early Morning Dancing Down The Sidewalk, though. [Brobible]

The Reality Television Venn Diagram – Who knew there were so many shows about cajuns and hillbillies? [High Definite]

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