These One-Of-A-Kind Ping Pong Trick Shots Prove You Can Use Your Groin As A Paddle

There are a lot of videos on the internet of people making really impressive trick shots in basketball. However, basketball is the not the only sport that lends itself to trick shots. Let us not forget the humble sport of table tennis, aka ping pong. On a casual level, there is nothing particularly impressive about most ping-pong players. However, if you have ever seen elite table tennis players, you know how crazy ping pong shots can be. This video takes that to the next level.

You will see some trick shots in this video that seem to be impossible. Sure, you don’t usually see bowling pins in a game of table tennis, but that doesn’t make those shots any less impressive. The skills on display on some of these shots are amazing. They also seem to be able to use anything as a ping-pong paddle, and they show those skills as well. Just be very careful when tucking a ping-pong paddle down the front of your own pants and thrusting.

That may seem like an odd thing to include in a table-tennis trick-shot video, but there is a lot of … let’s call it “attempted humor” in this video. It would be better if it was all just amazing ping-pong trick shots with a little bit less of the comedy. They do manage to stick a couple of sexist jokes into the proceedings. At least the trick shots are cool.