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Scottie Pippen wants another ring:

"I know that I have the skills," Pippen said. "I think it's sort of been on my mind the last couple of months. It's just about me going out and polishing my skills."

Yeah, that sounds about right.  He does have the skills, and all he has to do is polish them up.  You've convinced me Scottie.

Pippen has been working out in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., during the winter, and he believes the time is right to add his experience and defensive prowess to a contending club, perhaps in Miami or San Antonio.

Wait a second, Fort Lauderdale?  Don't tell me you've been playing Nerf Hoop at the Senior Rec Center with Saul and Morrie.  Saul does have a good set shot, but he's not DWade man.  I already have to defend your selfish tantrum at the end of '94 and your penurious manner, so please, for my sake, keep your mouth shut in Vegas and go Vincent Antonelli on the waitresses. -KD

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