These Photos Of A Hero Fan Saving A Child From Being Hit In The Face With A Bat Are Heart-Stopping

03.07.16 3 years ago 9 Comments

As we have unfortunately seen too many times over the last couple of years, not being totally alert at a baseball game when you’re sitting close to the action could lead to serious consequences. At a spring training game between the Pirates and Braves in Florida on Saturday, it looked as though one young boy was going to be the latest victim of a flying bat into the stands, until a hero fan stepped in to save the day.

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review photographer Christopher Horner got pictures of the incident, and you can see a young child on his phone and not paying attention as an errant bat is coming right at him. While other fans in the section instinctively ducked or moved out of the way, one man (maybe the boy’s dad? it looks like he’s sitting next to him, but this hasn’t been confirmed) stayed alert and managed to stick his arm in front of the unsuspecting boy’s face, saving him from what could have been serious injury.

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