Pissed Off Kentucky Fans Set A House On Fire While UConn Fans Acted Like Idiots, Too

If you could say anything about this year’s NCAA Tournament, other than it being one of the craziest in history with an eventual winner that so few people expected, I think that “batshit crazy fans” would probably sum it up in three words. Dayton Flyers fans proved that they were willing to destroy the same neighborhood again and again as long as their team kept pulling off upsets, while fans of the Arizona Wildcats went full on “F*ck the police” riot mode after their 1-seed team was bounced. Naturally, Kentucky fans needed to really bring their A-game last night in Lexington to show us all how much it sucks to lose a National Championship game now and then, so some of them lit a house on fire.

A fire at a house at 223 State Street early Tuesday morning was intentionally set sometime after a large crowd gathered in the area after the University of Kentucky lost the NCAA championship, Lexington firefighters said.

Battalion Chief Mark Harvey confirmed that fire investigators have determined that the blaze was arson. It happened a little before 5 a.m.

“I can’t tell you that it was or was not [related to the celebrating],” Harvey said Tuesday morning. “You could probably draw your own conclusions since it was a vacant house in the area where the partying was going on.” (Via the Kentucky Herald-Leader)

Fortunately, the house was vacant. Please note that I’m not generalizing all Kentucky fans here. While only “some” were trying to light a house on fire, others were out celebrating in totally different manners.

Great job, Kentucky fans. You could learn a thing or two from the UConn fans who… nope, sorry. UConn fans acted like A-holes last night, too.

Campus police had made 30 arrests by 1:30 a.m. Tuesday, while state police had made others and more were expected, said University of Connecticut spokesman Tom Breen.

“A lot of it was alcohol-related,” Breen said. “There was breach of peace, destruction of property, and we had a fireworks charge.”

Most of the property damage was minor, he said. No serious injuries had been reported. (Via CBS New York)

Man, I bet Resident Adviser Derek absolutely lost his mind last night. As for the celebrating in Storrs, I think people are throwing around the word “riot” a little loosely these days, because this doesn’t look that terrible:

And I’m more concerned that the guy who took this video was caught in a tornado.

WCBS Newsradio reporter Alex Silverman was in Storrs for the celebrating that he described as “bedlam” and “ungrateful disregard for life and property.” There was even pot smoke, people. REEFER!

Pot. On a college campus in America. Well, pack it up, the liberal tree-humpers have finally won. Time to escape to Space Admiral Gingrich’s moon colony while we still have a chance.