05.19.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Yankees relief pitcher Brian Bruney went on the DL six days after throwing in the bullpen during a lengthy delay to review a home run call. Bruney said the eight-and-a-half minute delay led to his overthrowing in the bullpen and a strained flexor muscle in his throwing arm.

“I don’t know what the 8 1/2 minutes was all about,” he said. “I don’t know if like somebody was on lunch break or what.” […]

“I could have quit throwing, I could have waited and started again,” he said. “I don’t know if he’s coming out in 30 seconds or 3 minutes or 8 1/2 minutes. It turned out to be the latter. I mean, that’s a long time for a reliever to be throwing or any pitcher to be throwing.”

That’s a long time to be doing anything. Hey, either the ball went over the damn wall or it didn’t. And why do they all have to go in the tunnel? Send one guy. What, do they have a breakfast bar back there? Send the one guy into the tunnel and he can bring out coffee and sausage biscuits for everyone else. Mmm, biscuits.


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