Pitcher John Axford Was A Perfect 18-For-18 On His Oscar Picks Last Night

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03.03.14 3 Comments
John Axford Oscars

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Ever since John Axford made the worst decision of his life by not staying with the St. Louis Cardinals, I stopped paying attention to which team he plays for, but people who claim to know things claim that he’s currently with the Cleveland Indians. But if that doesn’t work out for the guy with one of the best mustaches in baseball, he might have a new career as film psychic in his future. Then, I’m sure he’d know that better than any of us, wouldn’t he?

Last night, while we were all talking about how adorable Jennifer Lawrence was despite her Hillary Clinton hairstyle and why Tyler Perry shouldn’t ever be allowed to talk about “fresh” movie ideas at the Academy Awards, Axford was live Tweeting the results of his predictions that he posted on Facebook, and he correctly called all 18 of the picks that he attempted. Good for him, I guess, but a real man doesn’t exclude the technical categories.

Axford picks

Even the Indians jumped in with the appropriate perfect game reference.

Indians Tweet

And of course a Red Sox fan with a picture of his abs as his avatar used the opportunity to make fun of Axford, because Twitter is the worst thing that ever happened to us.

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