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So that woman that tried to blackmail Rick Pitino last month? Yeah, turned out that Louisville’s head men’s basketball coach kinda boned her back in 2003. Pitino copped to having sex with Karen Cunagin Sypher [Carin’? Come again? Insider?] in a Louisville restaurant, where he was allegedly under the influence of alcohol and watching too many pornos where people have sex in restaurants.

He also told police that he later gave Sypher $3,000 to have an abortion, according to Louisville Metro Police reports The Courier-Journal obtained under the Kentucky Open Records Act. via.

Pitino is claiming that he acquired the aforementioned stinky on his hangdown consentually. When Pitino charged Cypher with extortion in July, she made the claim of being sexually assaulted multiple times by Pitino, but her varying accounts of what happened have damaged her credibility. Meanwhile, the aborted fetus is being recruited by Kentucky, Cincinnati, and West Virginia, but the fetus has mentioned privately that he’d like to play close to home.

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