12.01.07 10 years ago 2 Comments

Before pretty much the worst game ever between Pittsburgh and Miami on Monday night, the Steelers decided to forgo the National Anthem because the start of the game had already been delayed 25 minutes due to inclement weather.  Some people got upset, so one of Kommisar Goodell's smarmy automatons had to comment:

"We didn't anticipate not having the National Anthem on Monday," said NFL spokesman Greg Aiello. "It was a decision made based on extreme weather conditions. We don't support the decision. But it was a decision made under extremely difficult circumstances. We don't anticipate this happening again."

Just because a NFL franchise didn't play Francis Scott Key's tune, don't think for one minute that steelworkers aren't patriotic.  When I was a janitor at the steel mill (great job), my foreman had me recite the Pledge of Allegiance on my first day of work before showing me the proper way to clean a fecal-stained toilet while eating a donut. I vomited, but not because of the Pledge. Everyone loves the Pledge, except maybe atheists I suppose. Fuck those guys. If they ever saw the raw power of the Bessemer process, they'd have faith in the Lord Almighty. Or if they ever cleaned the crappers used by hundreds of steelworkers, they'd know God existed . . . and He had forsaken them. -KD

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