The Discovery Channel Is Now Expertly Trolling NHL Teams On Twitter

05.14.15 4 years ago
Pittsburgh Penguins v New York Rangers - Game Two

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With Wednesday night’s Game 7 overtime thriller in New York closing the books on the Conference Semifinals, the NHL is now officially halfway through the Stanley Cup Playoffs. That means half the teams that qualified for the postseason have been eliminated and are in search of other forms of entertainment away from the ice.

For the Pittsburgh Penguins, who were knocked out in the first round by the New York Rangers, this offseason’s schedule includes engaging in Twitter conversations with the Discovery Channel. Or, more specifically, getting publicly humiliated by the Discovery Channel, whose account is apparently run by a clever troll.

It all started when Discovery tweeted this neat little factoid about emperor penguins on Wednesday afternoon:

This led Pittsburgh’s official team account to reply and share the average height of the Penguins on their roster, because – as we all know – you can never possess too much knowledge on the mean height of penguins.

The reply was innocent enough, but it also opened up a window of opportunity for Discovery to troll the Pens over their disappointing season. Ultimately, it was an opportunity they decided couldn’t be passed up.

The Discovery Channel is all about providing valuable world knowledge to the masses, and that, my friends, is what we like to call “a free lesson in Internet trolling.”

(Via Chris Abraham)

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