A Steelers Safety Completely Lost His Mind After He Got Called For A Penalty

No football player likes getting called for a penalty. You can usually tell by a player’s body language that they’re not in the best mood after they just got caught by the officials.

Steelers safety Mike Mitchell, however, showed us that the body language isn’t always the best part of a reaction to a penalty. Mitchell got called for a facemask during Pittsburgh’s game against Cleveland on Sunday, a call that he disliked, partly because he claimed the opposing player got his facemask. This was so fun because the official turned his mic on while he was explaining the penalty, and Mitchell freaked out spectacularly.

Mitchell’s voice cracked so many times while he was trying to come to grips with the fact that he was getting called for the infraction. It was beautiful, and we should absolutely have a mic that picks up every player’s reaction to things that happen on the field.