Deflategate Part II Is Upon Us After The Giants Told The NFL That Pittsburgh Deflated Footballs

Remember how Deflategate was the worst thing, not from the sense that it was a horrible scandal but that it seemed to never end over something incredibly mundane? Well, good news! According to Jay Glazer, we may be on the verge of Deflategate, Part II.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants played one another last week. The Steelers won 24-14 in a rather forgettable football game. But this game could lead to the second chapter of the Deflategate scandal, as Glazer reports that the Giants had reason to believe that there were shenanigans afoot.

Glazer said that the Giants were “suspicious” of the balls the Steelers were using, so they tested two balls that they got after takeaways on the sidelines. The balls were reportedly under where they needed to be, so they were sent into the NFL, which has not responded to the team’s inquiry yet.

The good news is that Glazer said he does not expect this to be the impossibly long saga that we had with Tom Brady and the NFL during the original Deflategate. Of course, because “Deflategate” makes everyone feel anxious, a bunch of people on Twitter had takes on the dumbest scandal in sports history.

Considering how this is literally the last thing that any person on earth wants, hopefully we never hear of this again after today.