The Steelers Executed The Worst Onside Kick Attempt In Football History

11.06.16 1 year ago 3 Comments

Maybe you’re not a big football fan. Maybe you block off every Sunday to watch the NFL. No matter what level your fandom is, we can all agree that nobody has ever seen a worse onside kick attempt than this one.

Here’s the situation: Pittsburgh just scored a touchdown and needed to find the end zone again in just under 50 seconds against the Ravens’ defense to force overtime. The Steelers lined up for an onside kick, Chris Boswell decided that he wanted to get a little fancy in an attempt to catch Baltimore off guard, and the ball went approximately four inches.

Instead of kicking the ball normally, Boswell tried a rabona, which he has done before successfully. He ended up making contact with his heel, so the ball more rolled straight down than anything else. It was so bad that the referees ended up chuckling, and in a moment of frustration, Boswell kicked the ball way down the field while it was just laying on the ground. Baltimore ended up winning the game, 21-14.

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