The Steelers Celebrated A Touchdown With An Elaborate Game Of Hide And Seek

The Pittsburgh Steelers are incredible at touchdown celebrations. This is especially true for their wide receiver corps, as Antonio Brown may be the best celebrator of touchdowns in the entire NFL. And now, the team has JuJu Smith-Schuster split out wide, and while he’s only a rookie, he’s shown to be really, really good at celebrating scores.

Smith-Schuster turned heads with a fantastic Dragon Ball Z celebration a few weeks ago. During Pittsburgh’s matchup against Cincinnati, Smith-Schuster got into the end zone again, and decided to have some fun with the help of Le’Veon Bell.

After Smith-Schuster scored to make it 13-7 in the second quarter, he and Bell played a game of hide and seek. Smith-Schuster counted, Bell hid behind the goalpost, and the game was on.

Both Jim Nantz and Tony Romo loved the celebration, which makes sense, largely because it was awesome. It was a simple and creative way to have some fun the touchdown, and it’s the latest piece of evidence that the NFL making its rules about celebrating scores less harsh was a good thing.

Smith-Schuster is a talented receiver, and as he continues to develop, he should be a fixture in end zones for years to come. He’s setting the bar high for his celebration game, so hopefully he is able to surpass it whenever he scores for the rest of his career.