Pizza Hut Presents The Monday Morning Links

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11.14.11 7 Comments


Barbara Walters Interviews The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles In 1991 – I remember this, as I remember everything Ninja Turtles related. How many of you went to the Coming Out Of Our Shells Tour, raise your hand. [The High Definite]

The Smoking Section Ranks In The Source’s Power 30 List – New professional goal: start ranking on peoples’ Power Lists. I can lift a car, my blog has to be better than Grantland. [Smoking Section]

Five Cognitive Biases That Prove Your Brain Hates Science – I basically live in a world built on Blindspot Bias. In it, I can’t understand why anyone would read [Gamma Squad]

Plot Of Jack & Jill Recreated With Passive-aggressive Quotes From Scathing Reviews – Second new professional goal: start calling myself “A.O.” something. Those aren’t initials, idiot, they’re what Tony Danza says when he’s trying to avoid confrontation. [Film Drunk]

Corgi Friday: A Youtube-stravaganza – I wish my cat would get this excited to see me after trips. He just kinda stands and yells at me. [Warming Glow]

Meme Watch: First World Problems Finally Have A Macro, One First World Problem Solved – Love that “White People Problems” has a racially-nonspecific PC equivalent. [UPROXX]

McRib With Bacon And Mozzarella Sticks – The worst link I could possibly give you. I’d rather have you think I’m a pussy than be dead at 45. [Buzzfeed]

Adult Swim’s 15 Best Webcontents of the Week – “Webcontents” gets funny when you say it as one world, like malcontent. I moved my website to the hills and don’t let anyone visit it because I’m a webcontent! [Adult Swim]

Photoshop Creates an Attractive Woman From a Blank Canvas [VIDEO] – This would be more impressive if 1) every photo we had wasn’t photoshopped to death, causing us accept tons of photoshop as “normal” and 2) people haven’t been able to do this with pen and paper and like, paint for thousands of years. [The FW]

Movies That Made Numbers and Dates Terrifying – May 19th! MAY 19TH! [Moviefone]

The Five Biggest Fantasy Football Busts of 2011 (and Five Players You Should Pick Up Now) – I’m currently 470-something in our DraftStreet fantasy football contest. I have no f**king goddamn clue how to play fantasy football. [The Smoking Jacket]

15 Funny Real Life Sci-Fi Road Sign Hacks – The guy who hacked his to be about Harry Potter sucks so bad I can’t even process it. [Unreality]

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