Play With Leather Free Fantasy Football With Draftstreet And Win $250 For Week 6

10.11.11 6 years ago

Do you like football? Do you like beautiful women? Then play the latest installment of our free fantasy football game through DraftStreet and prove it. I don’t believe you like either thing until you play this.

We’ve done a couple of freerolls already this season, cementing me as one of the worst fantasy football players of all time — in the first game I finished 72nd overall, and in the second I finished a number so high I’m unable to count it. I’m sure to make up for it with this week’s team, where I draft Peyton Manning, Andre Johnson, Mario Williams and James Harrison.

Here’s how it works:

The game happens this weekend, and it’s going to work a lot like our baseball games; you’ll sign up (for free, again, I’m not going to make you pay for anything) and pick your team, choosing two QBs, two WR, two RB and so on until you’ve exhausted your salary cap, and the team with the best performance in this Sunday’s games wins money. So do the next five top teams. That’s right, we’re paying out to the top 6 teams from a $250 cash pool.

Sign up, tell your friends, tell your girlfriends, get your parents to sign up and try to win them some money. Christmas is coming up, and you can buy a lot of presents with a big chunk of $250. My birthday is coming up too (in January), and apparently I could really use a book about who is and isn’t good at football.

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