Please Don’t Tell Me Choosing Between Andrew Luck And Jimmy Clausen Is A Hard Decision

12.29.10 7 years ago 9 Comments

Jimmy Clausen has been one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL this season, and that’s not hyperbole. Look at this. He really is terrible at just about everything. Two touchdowns and eight interceptions. At this point, just rename the Panthers to the Carolina SMHs. Excuse me, let me pick up that Internet lingo I dropped down.

Some dude named Steve Reed at Carolina Growl did a comparison Stanford QB Andrew Luck, most certainly the No. 1 draft pick this year, to Clausen. As a sidenote, Luck hasn’t declared for the draft yet, as he isn’t sure if he wants to deal with the pros in a year where there might not even be football.

Let’s look at my favorite categories he compared:

What they say about him
Luck: CBS Sports draft analyst Rob Rang called Luck the best prospect he’s ever scouted.
Clausen: Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith said of Clausen, “He has a lot to learn (about being an NFL quarterback). He’s not at Notre Dame anymore.”

Luck: Is getting a degree in architectural design and has a 3.5 GPA at Stanford.
Clausen: Graduated from Notre Dame in May with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology.

Here’s a last category I created:

Is Jimmy Clausen
Luck: No
Clausen: Yes

To sum it up, everyone loves Luck, and Clausen’s own teammates think he sucks. Also, Luck is really smart, and Clausen got a degree in sociology. Bachelor of arts? More like bachelor of FARTS! Seriously, this is the quality cut of comedy you get from me.

I know you’re supposed to give time for young quarterbacks to develop, but there’s a difference between having some things to smooth out and just being downright awful. Clausen was never projected to be a stellar quarterback and was never really that impressive in college anyway, in his stats or in his leadership. Should Luck declare, there’s no way he doesn’t get picked first. Clausen can find a great career in the form of a UFL jersey. If Luck doesn’t declare? Kyle Orton, you’re our winner tonight! Come on down!

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