Please Enjoy These Girls’ Butts As You Prep For Madden 25

Madden NFL 25 comes out today, which’ll be a nice break from the last month of me playing through The Last Of Us over and over again, hoping something different will happen. To celebrate, our friends/Michelle Jenneke hoarders over at The Chive have put together a slideshow featuring 23 instances of models recreating Madden poses, and chances are if you’re a dude on the Internet on a sports blog, you’re gonna be interested.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Brandon,” you’re saying, “you told me to enjoy girls’ butts but there aren’t a lot of butts in that photo. How are you going to resolve this?” Well, in two ways, friend:

1. I’m going to show you THIS picture, which should let you know that butts are bound to happen:


2. I’ll give you a little mini-slideshow of the action here, but you’re gonna have to head over to The Chive proper to see the rest. Also, you should probably go out and buy Madden 25, because why not? Joel’s not gonna stop doing what he does.

One more time, to see the rest of these, head on over to The Chive, won’t you?