The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Are The Spurs Set To Play Dream Killers In This Year’s NBA Playoffs?

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Pro tip, friends: never podcast from the car. That’s the lesson both Robby and I learned this week as he was driving back from a much-needed trip to Miami. Depending on where you are, the network will fall apart on you, and you’ll be left wondering where your friend went and if he had mistakenly driven straight through a portal into another dimension.

That being said, “it me” survived this week, and we still got into some good discussion with storyteller and all-around good guy Erik Malinowski, who is busy as all getup juggling the freelance grind and dadlife.

Among other things we discussed:

  • What it’s like covering the Warriors when you know they’re gunning for greatness
  • Whether or not people should want a Warriors dynasty and why people hate that word so much
  • The Spurs as dream killers
  • Babies and dogs in breweries
  • Rule No. 1: Never Tweet
  • Is baseball inclusive enough? (Related reading: Bryce Harper’s comments on “tired” baseball)
  • How freelancing is more than just interview, transcribe, write, edit, publish

As always, comments and tweets are always welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman), and Erik is at (@erikmal). Football is great and so are friends, but football (and every other sport) is always better with friends.

Special thanks to the band Annabel for our intro and outro music. They’re really good. You should buy their music at their website or perhaps see them play a show some time.