The ‘It Me’ Podcast: Is Six Hours Of SummerSlam Too Many Hours Of SummerSlam?

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What, you didn’t think we’d let SummerSlam pass without talking about it, did you? We have a moral obligation to bring you wrestling content at least once a year otherwise we’d never hear the end of it. And since wrestling fans and college football fans are often a venn diagram with an awful lot of overlap, it doubles as the last great podcast before we kick it into super football gear®™.

Robby and I brought on none other than UPROXX Sports senior editor and With Spandex’s own Bill Hanstock to get after it. Bill was in Brooklyn for an entire weekend’s worth of wrestling action, and he gives us his highlights (and low lights) as well as lots of other fun quips.

We discussed:

  • Why if you’re a current wrestling fan or an aspiring wresting fan you need to get the WWE Network and check out NXT
  • Who Bill thinks is the next big star to come out of the NXT ranks
  • Whether or not WWE PPVs are just too dang long
  • Bill’s shortlived title belt possession
  • The DoLoThroDo Challenge (coming this weekend – and featuring a chance to eat lots and lots of Taco Bell tacos)
  • The disdain Bill has for music festivals (except for that one Warped Tour)
  • And more!

As always, comments and tweets are welcome. Subscribe to us on iTunes, too! You can find Robby at (@rkalland) and Martin at (@martinrickman), and Bill is at (@sundownmotel). Sports are great and so are friends, but sports are always better with friends.

Special thanks to the band Annabel for our intro and outro music. They’re really good. You should buy their music at their website or perhaps see them play a show some time.