12.22.07 11 years ago 3 Comments

The Mid-American Conference officiating crew at Thursday night's Poinsettia Bowl between Utah and Navy has admitted to making an error on a fourth-quarter play at the goal line. A Utah wide receiver fumbled the pigskin into the pylon in what should have been been a touchback for Navy, but the refs gave the ball to the Utes on the 1-yard-line and upheld the wrong call in a replay review.

"The ball was fumbled forward and hit the pylon. The pylon is out of bounds and also in the end zone," read an official statement from the officiating crew, citing Rule 8, Section 6, Article 1, Item 1 in the NCAA college football rule book. "There was a mistake made. It should have been ruled a touchback and the ball should have been placed at the 20-yard line."

Wow! What an exciting scandal, huh? It's a shame the result of this mistaken judgment could have only resulted in Utah still not covering the 8-point spread as I predicted they would. But at least I'll have an excuse when I show up at Christmas without gifts for the family. I guess I could donate some of my plasma for cash. So I can bet on the UCLA/BYU game later. -KD

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