‘Pokemon Go’ Isn’t Available In Brazil, Forcing People To Pay Attention To The Olympics

The Rio Olympics are weeks away. There are 450,000 condoms awaiting the athletes, as well as body parts washing up on the Olympic beach. The housing for the athletes is reportedly in shambles and the organizers are in disarray. All of this, and there is no Pokemon Go.

This has lead to fans and athletes wondering what the hell they’re going to do besides train and watch the festivities. After all, an event that brings together the world every four years to celebrate the greatest athletes mankind can produce is kinda pointless now that they can’t catch a ratatta between the high jump and 40-yd dash.

Just think about grinding magikarps while watching Michael Phelps do his thing. It would be great, right? Well it’s not going to happen. Brazil doesn’t have Pokemon Go, and it won’t be available for the Olympics, leaving athletes and fans in dismay.

Of course…

Meanwhile, in London…

As Bleacher Report pointed out, even the Mayor of Rio was pleading with Niantic to bring Pokemon to his city.

Granted, his pleas weren’t as loud as the Australian athletes begging for an inhabitable Olympic village. In that case, the mayor had a plan — add a kangaroo to the Australian housing. That wouldn’t make it so bad, right? He loves cute animals, real, fictional and everything in between. Even if kangaroos will beat you up without thinking twice about it, just like a charizard.

Brazilians are also speaking out against this “third-world” problem, hosting videos begging Nintendo to activate Pokemon Go in their region:

(Via Bleacher Report)