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A small-town high school in New Mexico has been shaken up by the football team’s hazing scandal, in which six younger members of the team were sodomized with a broomstick by more senior players during an August training camp.

According to state police reports, a group of juniors assaulted several younger teammates over two days, holding the victims down while a broomstick was forced into their rectums over their athletic shorts. […]

When [head coach Ray] Woods asked if anyone had been violated, one 15-year-old player raised his hand. But before the boy could elaborate, other players began making jokes, the report said. Several coaches told investigators that because of the laughter from the players, they didn’t believe the allegations were serious and took no further action.

The scandal has provided not only strife within the school, but also fodder for its rivals:

School Superintendent Rick Romero said spectators at some opposing schools have taunted the Robertson girls’ soccer team and a middle school girls’ volleyball team with “references to broomsticks and other very inappropriate sexual innuendoes.”

Whoa.  There are spectators at girls’ middle school volleyball games taunting the players with talk of brutal sex acts?  And here I thought I was the only one.  **sniff** So this is what it sounds like when doves cry.

(Thanks to handsome commenter Upstate Underdog, who sent this story in two days ago. I just got to it now thanks to the awesome combination of paralyzing laziness coupled with the attention span of a gnat.)

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