This Lady’s Pop-A-Shot Mastery Will Blow Your Mind

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10.30.13 6 Comments

pop a shot master

Remember that time Dwight Howard went to China, played Pop-A-Shot against an Asian kid and had to start cheating because he was losing so badly? This girl would’ve made him retire from the NBA.

Behold, the master of Pop-A-Shot. She rapid-fires in her shots and makes them all, assumedly winning every prize in the building from the 10 ticket football-shaped mini-eraser to the 80,000,000 ticket XBOX 360 or whatever. It’s amazing. Here’s the clip:

Let’s go to the Internet. JUDGES?

Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.47.51 AM

Nice try, Obama.

My favorite thing about the clip is actually the bystanders captured on film during the performance, like the guy at 0:13 who discourteously walks in front of the camera like someone’s NOT redefining arcade athleticism and the woman right after him who has clearly been doing cocaine. Maybe this isn’t an arcade at all, and is some weird training facility for drugged-up Super Athletes.

I’m gonna have that machine’s noise in my head for the rest of the day. BOBBEH, BOBBEH, BOBBEH, HEYAHHHHHHHH, BOBBEH, BOBBEH, HEYAHHHH, HEYAHHHHH

[h/t to Reddit]

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