The Pope Now Owns A Pair Of Jordans Thanks To Jim Harbaugh

While you were sleeping here in the States, Jim Harbaugh was meeting the Pope. Harbaugh and the Michigan football team are in Rome, Italy for the start of spring practice, because Harbaugh likes to bend rules and, hey, why not use that massive athletics budget to get his players a trip to Italy and a different experience.

Harbaugh and the Michigan football crew have been running around Rome, enjoying all that Italy has to offer, and on Wednesday, Harbaugh took the team to the Vatican where he visited with the Pope. Harbaugh didn’t come empty handed, the Michigan coach knows his ABC’s — Always Be ‘Crootin — and brought a Michigan helmet and a pair of Michigan Jordan 5s with him to give to the Pope.

I’m fairly confident in saying that this is the first time any Pope has been in possession of some Jordans, and I really hope that he wears them around the Vatican to stunt on all the Cardinals. I really want this to make Pope Francis our first hypebeast Pope. I bet if he wanted to he could put together an ill shoe collection.

Who’s going to say no to the Pope if he calls up looking for the plug on some Jordans or Yeezy’s? Especially when the Pope’s ultimate plug is God.