Popek Rak Is Officially In Need Of An Intervention

If you aren’t familiar with the works of Popek Rak, he’s a Polish rapper (or “raper”) turned MMA fighter with a career record of 2-1, a desire to mutilate his body in one way or another and nobody telling him to stop being such a dumb idiot.

I have to warn you up front: your introduction to Popek Rak will not be a pleasant one, and both of the videos (after the jump) come with an extreme graphic violence warning. Nobody gets killed or anything, but in the first one Popek gets tattoos ON HIS EYES, and in the second he gets intentional scarification of the face, done by … well, sawing off huge chunks of his face. By the end of the second clip he’s spitting and smoking and bleeding from the entire right side of his head, mumbling about how motherf**kers are no longer jumping on his dick.

Ladies and gentlemen, Popek Rak.

First, the man turns the white parts of his eyes green, because for ten years he never thought, “no I don’t like that shit”.

Then, and this is an additional warning to not watch this unless you want to vomit every ten minutes for the rest of your life, a tough MMA fighter pays somebody to make him look like Squall from Final Fantasy 7. Or something. I can’t really understand him.

There’s a lot to be said for body modification culture, and of course scarification rituals are rooted in the history of our animal and can be done as part of the rightful choice of any man to do with his body what he wants, but I think there’s probably more to be said for not letting punchdrunk Polish dudes pay somebody to stab them in the face.

[h/t to Jessica/Lobster Mobster]