The Popular Bodybuilding Supplement ‘Craze’ Is Actually A ‘Close Cousin Of Meth’

When you’re as naturally jacked as I am, you don’t have to worry about dealing with random bodybuilding and nutritional supplements because the only think coursing through my veins is the DNA of several Greek Gods. However, other people who do things like “exercise” and “work out” use supplements to help boost their results, so they have to do their label research and make sure they know what they’re putting in their bodies, and the people currently using the bodybuilding supplement Craze might actually putting something very similar to methamphetamine in their bodies.

In related news, bodybuilding just became the most popular sport in Florida.

In a study published in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis, researchers tested containers of Craze purchased from an American and European online retailer, as well as containers from a major U.S. chain store. Two labs independently identified the supplement as containing the unlisted ingredient N,alpha-DEPEA, which has never before been studied in humans.

“What’s particularly alarming about finding a completely new drug, in this case a close cousin of methamphetamine, is that we have no idea how it will affect the body,” said lead study author Dr. Pieter Cohen, of the Harvard Medical School. “Will it be addictive? Will it stimulate the heart and increase the risk of heart attacks? It has never been studied in humans, so we don’t know.” (Via Fox News)

Now I know what you’re thinking: “This is why we have the Food and Drug Administration, so that these kinds of reports can be investigated and disputed accordingly.” And that would be great if the FDA actually gave a shit. But the FDA doesn’t, because this was brought to the FDA’s attention in May and the administration reportedly never did anything about it.

But that’s why I’m here – to help the common man. Of course, there’s no way in hell I’m going to try something that has never been tested on humans, so I gave a scoop of Craze to my darling puppy, Fuzzle McSnuggles:

And now he looks like this:

So I think that means it works.