Pornstar Plays Poker. Insert Terrible Poke-Her Pun Here.

07.01.10 8 years ago 7 Comments

samryankansasadultfilmstar_display_imageThe World Series of Poker’s main event starts this weekend, and if you weren’t aware, I suggest you start bucking up on it. If not for the love of the game, then because the lovely lady pictured isn’t just your run of the mill, jaw droppingly gorgeous, bikini clad woman. She’s pornstar adult entertainer Samantha Ryan, and she’s competing in this year’s WSOP. Like Vegas wasn’t awesome enough already.

Anyway, no idea where we’re going with this except to say UB-sponsored poker playing porn star Samantha Ryan (Tea Bags and Tossed Salads) is here at the 2010 WSOP in Event #49 ($1500 NLH). Probably the first time she’s ever had a guy limp in behind her (nyuck nyuck nyuck). –WickedChopsPoker

Samantha is being sponsored by, which explains all of the logs. If my fictional company ever decided to sponsor a pornstar, we would have a different marketing strategy. A henna tattoo on her ass, for example. I’m not really the gambling type, but if I were, I’d bet on more people seeing her bare assed than clothed ass, so it’d probably be a good investment. Even Danica Patrick sells sex, and she looks more like a 13 year old boy than anything.

Not sure how this one is gonna sit with the poker community, but pornstar Samantha Ryan (Butt Pirates of the Caribbean) landed herself a sponsorship deal for the 2010 WSOP with UB.

We first met Sammy, 32, when she and Maria Ho were railing Tiffany Michelle (man that sounds like a really dirty sex scene) at the 2008 WSOP Main Event. –WickedChopsPoker

Both of the links on link to some very, very NSFW footage. I mean, for research purposes, of course. /Coughs twice into fist inconspicuously.

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