This Crushing Fan Reaction Video Epitomizes America’s Emotions After Portugal’s Last-Minute World Cup Goal

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06.23.14 31 Comments

Sunday’s World Cup match between Portugal and the U.S. put American fans through the full gamut of emotions. In chronological order, fans watching the “Stumble in the Jungle” experienced: rabid anticipation, immediate disappointment, a long bout of nervousness, elation, COMPLETE elation, and immediate and utter despondence.

That final transition, from total joy to dejectedness, is captured perfectly by the video above, in which fans at the Keg & Barrel in Hattiesburg, Mississippi witness Portugal’s stoppage time equalizer. In an instant, maniacal chants were silenced, a draw was snatched from the jaws of victory, Clint Dempsey’s dick goal was negated, and the Michael Bradley criticism floodgates were blown wide open.

(Via Jeffrey Haeger)

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