12.22.08 9 years ago 5 Comments

Yesterday’s Niners-Rams game was so completely unexceptional and dull in every way that the only way the NFL could spice it up was to let the referees start actively hitting people, as umpire Garth DiFelice did when Kenneth Darby took a wrong turn in the middle of the field.

And of course I support this.  The only thing more enjoyable than a referee gumming up a play and tackling a football player is a referee gumming up a play and getting demolished by a football player.  Call me sadistic (my hookers certainly do), but I like it when the people without pads get run over.

The video is after the jump, but I’m not going to lie: it’s not quite as satisfying as the photograph.  I love a good knockout punch. Just another reason the NFL is better than boxing.

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