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Jason David Frank, who used to earn his money in TV as the green, white, red and black Power Rangers, is getting the hang of this MMA thing. Frank scored a first-round TKO against Chris Rose. in Arlington, Texas Friday night. Frank, who has been studying martial arts since age 4, seems to remain untested and is still one of the bigger indie names wandering around the smaller MMA circuits. There’s video of his fight (all two minutes of it) and more MMA after the jump.

The fight doesn’t start until the 3:39 mark…and then ends shortly thereafter.

video via Bloody Elbow.

And oh by the way…UFC 110 was last night, and Stephen Bonner got himself a serious gash after a head butt. He lost, but not before telling the world how much fun he was having. –via Watch Kalib Run.

And we should probably mention the fact that The Undertaker almost pulled a Great White and wandered into his own pyro at the WWE pay-per-view last night. Nobody ever mentioned that the Road To WrestleMania was littered with flame spurts.

That video was just swapped out, so you may have to give it a few minutes. –Media Take Out, via Christmas Ape.

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