06.12.09 10 years ago

We could wait until 11:59 pm to push out our Power Rankings, but even then they would still kick ass.

1. Marty Callner. I couldn’t have been more grateful for the conversation I had with a guy that’s been so successful in a city that chews up hopes and dreams like salt-water taffy.

2. Bar Refaeli. I keep forgetting that she spells her name with 2 Es, not with 2 As, like the Renaissance painter and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle…

3. Morgan Pressel. She probably has missed the cut in the major this week, but because of her Twittering candor, she can play in our final group any time.

4. Sorana Cirstea. I’d love to slap it around with her sometime. Or play tennis. You know, whatever she’s into…

5. Mike Shanahan’s old house. It’s quaint. It’s nouveau riche. It’s a steal at $17,000,000.

6. Nebraska’s Tara Mueller. Hanging tough in the PR for another week.

7. The Honorable Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL). And you thought Bush was an idiot

8. The overgeneralized headline of ‘Racism in NASCAR.’ It’s just a little rubbin’. Rubbin’s racin’.

9. X-Ray Vision. Suddenly I wish I had it

10. Twitter. It either makes you smarter…or dumber.

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