08.28.09 9 years ago

When columnists put together random lists and call them power rankings, they’re boring and stupid. But when we do Power Rankings, they kick all kinds of ass.

1. Presumably underfed women in their underwear. Never really gets old. via, via.

2. Edgerrin James. Edge finally landed in Seattle, and why not? If you can allow Shaun Alexander in your backfield, you can allow anyone.

3.Will Leitch’s Basterds review. He writes good.

4. Megan Fox making out with that other girl that’s not really so hot. Self-explanitory, except for the part about how this fell out of the top three.

5. Sean Dunn’s Man In Van. It’s a compelling look at a “homeless” guy that’s worth a few minutes of your time. Pretty sure either Kogod or flubby sent this to me.

6. Floyd Mayweather. Dude’s got some guns. No, seriously, the Vegas police came and took ’em.

7. Jimmy Johnson lecturing you about your damn drinking. Seriously? You’re just giving me another reason to stay home and watch the games on TV?

8. Crowdsourcing. This is the best and worst thing about the internet.

9. Surviving near-death experiences. Jonah Keri was in a brutal car crash. He lived. And he wrote about it.

10. Bacon. Even the foodie snobs are gaga for it.

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