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Is there anything worse in the sports media than completely senseless weekly power rankings?  Yes: the destruction of any legitimately interesting story line with round-the-clock coverage. And also people who actually have some kind of emotional investment in power rankings.

1. Scarlett.  Against the advice of wiser people, I finally watched The Black Dahlia this week.  That movie is fucking atrocious.

2. This week's Prelude.  I have to pimp it here, because FanHaus buries it every week.  Which is a shame, because it's actually kinda good this week.  Although I am sorry about using big words; I'll try to cut down on that.

3. Illegal drugs and 289.  It'd be fun to party with Martina Hingis, but if you really wanna live life on the edge, you hang out with the Reid brothers.  Best two Photoshop all week, both drug-related.  Coincidence?

4. Green Bay Packers.  A Monday night win chockful of fellatio, that mawkish video narrated by Deanna Favre, the Aussie guy who moved his family to Wisconsin, and the stupendous Packer-themed wedding. Now let us never speak of them again.

5. Maria Sharapova's crotch.  This photograph has a Japanese businessman in legal trouble… but only because he works in America.  In Japan he'd be ostracized for being so prudish.

6. Necrophilia jokes.  I'm always proud of the borders that With Leather commenters are unafraid to cross.  You people are the real heroes.

7. Cheerleaders.  Not much in theway of cheer-babe news this week… except for video of one getting trampled by a football team.

8. Gay football.  How can you argue with science?  

9. The Boston Red Sox.  Wow, that World Series thing was this week?  Feels like forever ago.

10. Emmy Rossum.  Providing With Leather with some tiny amount of hockey news.  I'm sorry, hockey fans.  I've really got nothing against your totally fabu sport.  I just don't care is all.

This week's bit of video randomness comes courtesy of EDSBS.  The Baroness was such a dirty slut.

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