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Do you care about other people’s power rankings? If not, then these are the power rankings for you. Because power rankings are pointless and arbitrary. Except when we do them. Then they kick ass.

1. The suckitude of office jobs. Some people are great in an office. Other guys, like Chiefs mascot K.C. Wolf, don’t mesh with the culture quite as well. Thanks, flubby, via.

2. Michael Vick dog jerseys. You call exploitation of animal cruelty. I call it SYNERGY!

3. Kendall Grzyb. She’s dating a guy on the Alabama football team, who was just arrested. I saw some of her pics, and let’s just say that her last name isn’t the only thing that’s short and hard right now.

4. SportsNation’s Michelle Beadle. Rock on, mama.

5. The dissolution between Peter King and Brett Favre. Too bad; I really thought those two kids were gonna make it.

6. The resolution of Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian. They broke up in July because of scheduling conflicts. And with Reggie Bush getting ready to start another NFL season, I’m sure they’ll be able to work that out…

7. Danica-to-NASCAR Rumors. They’re coming again, just like Kelsey Grammer’s tossed salad and scrambled eggs. I don’t see her leaving IRL. With Juan Pablo Montoya, NASCAR has the only bitch it needs.

8. Bacon. Go Greyhounds!

9. Twitter. Not as lame as it was last week.

10. Watching Notre Dame lose to Nevada this season. Holy crap, that will be the greatest thing ever.

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