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I hate bullshit power rankings, so I make my own.

1. Leryn Franco.  The only way she could be hotter is if she were Brazilian twins.

2. Alexander Ovechkin.  Pretty much the coolest video of the week. "They say hello, I say hey, next thing you know they say rape."  Such wise words.

3. Germany.  Just a really great effort by their Olympic team.  Effort disrobing, that is.

4. Janos Baranyai.  The video of him getting his elbow gruesomely popped out of joint was pulled from YouTube.  But you can still watch it here.  Don't say I never did anything for ya.

5. Bela Karolyi.  It's like having Borat as a gymnastics commentator, if Bob Costas sat next to Borat and smugly patronized him.

6. Commenters PAU! and WhyDoYouAsk.  Epic effort in the Ara Abrahamian post.

7. Michael Phelps.  That's right — becoming the greatest Olympian of all time is good enough for seventh place on my list.

8. Adrian Peterson.  The gushing in GQ for Purple Jesus is almost as laudatory as the mag's praise for KSK

9. Spanish racism.  Haven't you heard?  Tennis is the new basketball. 

10. Almudena Cid.  She won't become a part of Olympic history, but she'll always have a place at With Leather's table.  Not wearing a shirt is a good start for that.

Video of the Week.  This wasn't sports-related, so I didn't get topost the video of the Burger King employee bathing in the sink.  Here it is now.  Seems like a pretty smart guy.  For a Burger King employee, I mean.

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