06.26.07 11 years ago 23 Comments

This video was made by a sketch comedy group in Canadia called Picnicface, and a lot of people have watched it already, but most of those people were probably Canadian and it made me smile so I'm gonna post it.  Recently I've been submerged in this thick depression, and it's not something that videos of groin shots or Bloody Marys made with Popov and ketchup can cure.  But after watching this I feel less likely to stand at the edge of my roof and hope for a stiff breeze.  Because I'm too afraid to kill myself, but I still want to die. Ha ha, just a joke.  I know psychologists say you should take all jokes about suicide seriously, but psychologists are just assholes who are trying to restrict our joke-telling privileges.  Besides, why is suicide so bad?  Shouldn't we respect people doing something about their problems?

Anyway, the video's about a sports energy drink.  And you shouldn't kill yourself, you have so much to live for, all that crap.

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